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Come venture with Maribel Steel, your vision-impaired tour guide – there’s so much to discover in the world unseen!

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Vision Quest Embracing the Challenge Mini Doco by Maribel Steel

We did it! Woo-hoooo thank you! Some wonderful people ventured together on a beautiful sunny day to embrace the Vision-quest. What an amazing day and now you can come along to watch and listen to the unique...

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Only in the Dark Can You See His Ghostly Heart

“no amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man will store up in his ghostly heart. F Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby   Usually when I attend a live performance with my sighted partner, the...

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My Call Your Challenge Our Vision Quest

As part of the Self Expression & Leadership Program participants are...

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Look Out Woodfordia – Here We Come! By Maribel Steel

“It might be a bit of a challenge,” he said, “Getting around with one hundred thousand people and your white cane?”

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Walking into Meditation by Jeff Flodin

Come with us as we mosey on down with Jeff and his canine companion to absorb more of life in a very special way…

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Where Bees Dance and Where Sun Warms My Skin by Maribel Steel

No matter where I have lived since childhood days, the first thing I do when moving into a new home is to set down roots by planting new shrubs and bulbs into the garden.

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Memoir of a Guide Dog – My First Blind Date

Our Valentines can appear in our lives in many shapes and sizes, and often touch our lives in unexpected ways. My handsome golden boy appeared as a guide dog companion fourteen years ago and his devotion to keeping me safe and happily moving forward on our travels is remembered for always in my heart.

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Be Enlightened by Conplexicated History By Maribel Steel

We’re off to a great start with the following collection of hilarious bloopers and blunders on the so called ‘facts’ of European history.

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Christmas Again and a Rendezvous in Ancient Moonlight by Maribel Steel

One hundred years ago, Henry Williamson wrote a letter to his mother from the wet and frozen trenches in the front line of World War I on Christmas Eve.

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Do You Know the Secret to Being a Happy Traveller? By Maribel Steel

On our trip to Western Australia, unseasonal storms with wild winds and pounding rain threw all our travel arrangements up the swollen creek . We had to accept change and appreciate the journey we hadn’t planned.

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Fraser Island: A Race Against The Tide Part Two By Maribel Steel

In our blissful bubble of enjoyment, we hadn’t noticed everyone had piled back into the 4-wheel-drive.

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Fraser Island: A Race Against the Tide – Part One

One would think that eight people sitting on top of each other might break the uncomfortable feeling of closeness by striking up cordial conversation – but no one spoke. We were in a state of shock.

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