Vision Quest Embracing the Challenge Mini Documentary

We did it! Woo-hoooo thank you!

Some wonderful people ventured together on a beautiful sunny day in central Melbourne to embrace Vision-quest.

What an amazing day and now you can come along to watch and listen to the unique experience had by our teams captured here on our mini-documentary

…and we didn’t lose anyone on the circuit!

Thanks Abound

My sincere thanks to everyone who took time to share the vision, whether you were there and completed the sensory route or had helped in the preparation of my community project over 3 months, it has been an amazing journey – and I share its success with the help of these awesome people:


Harry Williamson – wonderful creative producer& problem solver
Andrew Follows – patient photographer & generous friend
Mark Silver – Andrews sighted assistant & fun-seeker
Brian Steel – starter & faithful scribe


Team Coaches

Kellie Knight – Head Team Coach & sensational friend
Wayne Knight – my personal assistant & calm spirit
Justin Edwards – awesome SELP friend & fun-fellow
Lindsay Dryhurst – new friend & caring soul
Avril Lochhead – dynamic friend & unstoppable woma

And of course, big thanks to those who participated and came with extraordinary playfulness

Generous Sponsors
Everyone received a prize due to the generosity of the following wonderful sponsors…

Nicole Thomson @ Castille de Fleur
Ashley Whitehead – Arbonne Beauty
Hazel Edwards – Authorpreneur
Harry Williamson – Spring Studio CDs
Amy Bovaird – USA author & writing-buddy

Many others have contributed to the success of the Vision-quest and it is impossible to list you all.
But, in the words of Paulo Coelho from The Alchemist, my sincere thanks go to you…
“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”
So thank you for your support and without your help – I’d still be thinking of what could have been…instead of experiencing what is possible when we dare to share a Vision and a Quest!

Copyright © Maribel Steel 2015

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